We are a company specialized in technology for public transportation and information technology.

Our mission

Help transport authorities and transport operators with high level qualification solutions, with the following objectives :
  • Improve the service level offered to the transport users
  • Improve operator internal efficiency



Support in technological projects for urban and intercity public transportation.

We work with authorities and transport operators in project definition and structuration with an operational vision, working on the best suitable technological solutions.

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Diagnostic & benchmarking

For public transport authorities or transportation companies.

We help in improving existing systems operation, carrying out diagnostics and proposing tools and solutions with the objective to improve the level of service proposed.

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Opération & maintenance

Services mainly dedicated to automatic fare collection systems and information systems, including hosting.

Services offered start from solution design till installation, operation and maintenance of the system.

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Mobility studies

Allowing the different actors in transportation area to optimize operation services and network organization.

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Contactless expertise

Our experience allowed us to consolidate with our team a unique expertize in the design and implementation of contactless solutions, and particularly with ISO14443 type A or B technology, as well as the integration of others contactless payment or identification solutions.

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Automatic Fare Collection

We develop solutions and collaborate with technology providers to promote optimized fare collection solutions for urban and intercity passenger transportation.

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Passenger information systems

Based upon new technologies, as dynamic communication which allow the diffusion of multipurpose information : transportation, advertisement, geo-localized information.

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Bike sharing solutions

Setim collaborates with one of the worldwide leader in the implementation of urban bike sharing solutions, with the objective to implement integral and complementary mobility solutions.

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NFC technology

Cellular phones integrated in mobility solutions: from remote buying solutions till a multi-service use in transportation, bike sharing, car park management...

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